Born in Guadalajara (Spain), her childhood was spent surrounded by nature, intellectuals and artists.
For his tendency to research behavior and human relations, She studies Social Education at the UCM and a master's degree in Intercultural Mediation. 

For five years she resides in London working as a manager in a restaurant in the central Soho neighborhood. From there she travels all over Europe and, finally, she reaches India, where she immerses herself in Yoga with her Yogi Master. Sunil Kumar Jhingan, and she does it, as the Hindu tradition indicates, in a direct and personalized way, which lasts for two years of intense practice. 

Since he was a teenager, at the hand of his father, Fernando Diez,studies Indian philosophy and palmistry. 
In Gokarna (India), she learns ayurveda massage . In the official school of Madrid takes the training course in Traditional Thai Massage.

Her search for knowledge and experience lead her to investigate very diverse subjects. In Mexico, for two years, she delves into Toltec, or shamanic, philosophy.

Her interest in understanding the mechanisms that govern the biological function for the maintenance of health, from a biopsychosocial perspective, leads her to complete the University Degree in Physiotherapy (UPSA), specializing in Integrative Autonomous Nervous System, with the physiotherapist and Osteopath Luis Gonzaga de Moura Junior, and currently the Master in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (UPSA). 

Since 2020 he resides in Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

He also regularly collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India, a country to which he returns whenever he can. She was co-founder of “La casa de la luna” in La Moraleja, Madrid, where she taught several Yoga classes daily. 

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