Yoga de Lessons

Sessions of 90 minutes (generally), where the most current knowledge of scientific evidence on the interaction of the different body systems is combined with the ancestral practice of self-knowledge and inner research.

The practice of asanas, the different psychophysical postures, is highly recommended to strengthen and regain physiological mobility. Increase interoception and body proprioception, leading to improved posture in any other activity.

This practice is especially beneficial when combined with attention to the center of gravity and the direction of the body, with this it allows listening to the sensations that occur in the present and leaving the ruminant speech of the mind wandering between the past and the future.

The postures are combined with breathing practices, since they are the best tool to access the pattern of brain activity and the autonomic nervous system. Yoga does not seek liberation or happiness, but rather to remove obstacles that prevent it, all associated with character and a certain brain activity.

These practices, along with some personal (Yama) and social (Niyama) discipline that is assumed to be the ethics of the practitioner, are seen as a requirement to successfully achieve the meditative posture and attitude, the upper echelon on the eightfold spiritual path compiled by Patanjali.

Meditation is both spiritual and mental gymnastics, since its regular practice develops the conscious will, that is, the ability to control and direct our thoughts and attitudes in life.

Yoga, as a philosophy that it also is, takes its metaphysics from the Sankhya philosophy. A philosophy that describes the origin of the first manifestation at least 100 years before the first pre-Socratics. It is a dualistic philosophy. There are two entities, "purusa" and "prakriti", which are eternal, universal, not produced: consciousness and nature, or rather, the seed of nature whose essence is the famous "OM", or primal sound, something very similar to the initial singularity prior to the Big Bang. It is activated by consciousness, which unbalances it and breaks symmetry, and in doing so activates three types of vibration: the intelligence element, the energy element and the mass element. These elements make up all the different objects in nature by virtue of their proportion.

The amazing thing is the similarity to theoretical physics. Without the presence of consciousness there is no manifestation, as occurs with particles of matter if they are not observed, or measured, according to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, the accepted at the moment by science.

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