physiotherapy Treatments 

Manual Physiotherapy 

The proper functioning of the different body systems is intended.
It is highly recommended when a person has lost or is at risk of losing, temporarily or permanently, the physiological movement and neuromuscular control necessary for physical function.
First, manual tests are carried out to assess and diagnose before treatment, or refer it to another professional if necessary. Finally, you will be given guidelines to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Myofascial release 

Myofascial release is the tool of choice in painful conditions of muscular origin. We identify the tight muscle bands where the trigger point is located and its referred pain, often at a distance and reproduced under digital pressure. We inhibit with manual therapy the fascial tensions that connect large muscle groups

Treatment of sports injuries

When there is damage of traumatic origin and related to sports activity, either by accident or due to bad practice in terms of progression and / or motor control.
We will analyze the different agents involved in its development to find the cause, the specific therapeutic exercise, the most efficient recovery and the preparation for returning to sport as soon as possible.

Neuromuscular bandage 

It has its origin in Asia during the 70s.
It involves the use of adhesive tape placed in such a way that it stimulates the body's proprioception and muscular balance.
It is an adjunct to help control inflammation and ecchymosis in acute injuries, including pain management. 

Sport massage 

We use various massage therapy techniques to achieve a multitude of benefits related to activity: avoid muscle overload, stimulate blood circulation for greater energy intake, facilitate return venous, to remove waste substances and promote sports activity.
The medical history, previous injuries and contraindications will be taken into account according to the desired effect.
Sports massage can be a complement during the treatment of injuries, but also a complete decontracting massage. 

Lymphatic drainage 

Therapeutic and aesthetic effects.
The lymphatic system is parallel to the circulatory system, transporting the lymph with its waste substances to the circulatory system to purify the body. Edema and retentions occur when this system is not being able to drain those areas.
It is a very gentle massage with slow and rhythmic movements in favor of its circulation towards the conductors and drainage areas.
It is highly recommended during pregnancy, in case of lymphedema, cellulite, premenstrual edema, varicose veins and any event of inflammation that hinders the correct drainage of waste substances.

Hypopressive gymnastics

Series of exercises performed in apnea or decreased respiratory volume, aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal girdle, we use a neuromuscular reeducation system to improve motor control compared to other more demanding activities.
They are called hypopressive because they avoid the pressure exerted by other types of exercises such as classic abdominals.
They are especially indicated in urinary retention problems, prolapses, pain in sexual intercourse, lumbar pain, abdominal swelling and difficulty in venous drainage.

Assessment and treatment of autonomic nervous system dysfunction 

Autonomic nervous system dysfunctions have a very varied symptomatology, depending on the mechanisms involved.
They generally present with gastrointestinal symptoms, sleep problems, mood problems, nonspecific pain or general tiredness. Often there is no diagnosis due to a lack of structural pathology, which makes any local treatment and symptoms become chronic, worsening uncertainty.

The measurement of heart rate variability allows us to objectively measure the functioning and responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system to the stimuli it receives from the environment, both external as an intern.

This tool gives us a lot of information about the system's ability to tolerate stress and its physiological recovery.
If the response of the autonomic nervous system is not able to adapt, we assess the mechanisms involved to develop a personalized treatment.

Traditional Thai massage 

This massage is done on a Thai futon and on clothes, so it will be necessary to go with comfortable clothes like tracksuit.
In addition to the muscular taming of a massage, joint mobilizations, passive stretching and stimulation are performed on lines called sen, meridians or nadis.
An extremely relaxing and liberating effect is achieved. Relieves muscle pain and joint stiffness.
Improves body perception. 

Foot reflexology 

It has an extremely relaxing effect and as an accelerator of physiological processes.
It is a great stimulation due to its richness in somatic receptors. Each area of the foot is reflected in the different body systems.
It is a very useful tool to relieve symptoms such as tired legs, cramps or improve blood circulation. 

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